Match Mystic

The following is a tool I created for predicting football/soccer matches between teams in some of the top European leagues. It uses data from the previous years which is fed into a model that tries to approximate results. Unlike most other match picking platforms, this tool allows you to choose the matchup and gives you the result. I do not endorse making bets with this, but I have found this method useful and accurate to about 53-55%, and much higher when you filter by probability levels (ie. only picking results with 60% or higher probability yields 75% accuracy).

Where I find it most powerful is when comparing it to bookmakers' odds. I find that my returns increase by a significant margin when this tool gives higher probablity of a result than bookmakers do. Furthermore, this tool is much better at picking draw results, which are usually given high odds, and hence low probability, by bookmakers. That being said, use this tool cautiously. There is an archive of past predictions in this page for you to assess the accuracy of these models.

I will try to update the model every week, based on match results and updated team data.

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Nxiri cannot guarantee that the betting on the suggested matches published on this page will allow the reader to make a profit. Neither are they a recommendation to bet or gamble. Those who gamble, do so at their own risk. Never risk what you cannot afford to lose. Please gamble responsibly.